5 Stages

Upon returning home from a drunken night out, a young couple confronts the insecurities and toxicity of their relationship

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8min | Drama , Romance

5 Stages

a film by Lee Amir-Cohen

Cal has stayed up all night waiting for his girlfriend Aubrey to arrive home from a night out with friends. When Aubrey does finally return, it’s past 5AM and she is a drunken mess. Aubrey finds Cal in the kitchen silently fuming, and tries to seduce him, but her attempt backfires as soon as Cal tastes liquor on her lips. A fight ensues that brings questions of infidelity to the surface, and serves as a lesson for what it truly means to bring out the worst in one another. While both are fearful of ending their relationship prematurely and never finding love again, Cal and Aubrey are forced to ask themselves if it is time to let each other go.

Writer: Lee Amir-Cohen


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